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#226 | 02-Jan-18, 5:31:32 | babi
Respected Sir,
Came across your website a few weeks back and I can't thank you enough for publishing your works for the benefit of all.
Guruji articulated every subject in such a way that even a mandha budhi like me can understand the most difficult subject with ease if time and effort are put to understand.

Once again thank you from the bottom on my heart.

Reply written by at 02-Jan-18, 7:55:05

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,
Thanks for your greetings.
Please continue Sravanam every day without fail in proper order like first Karma Siddhantam, Jeevula Sudigundalu Then repeat Tattva Bodha for couple of times until you memorize every concept of it & then move on. Following discourses in specific order and NOT getting deviated with multiple baselines(ex deviated by following discourses of other gurujis who may follow dvaita, visishtadwaita, advaita, etc) in between will help to have significant progress.


#225 | 11-Dec-17, 18:16:56 | Sailesh Kumar
Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,
I need a couple of books, but did not find select option to place order for specific books. Can you let me know, how can I place order and pay for the order.
Please Advice.

Reply written by at 11-Dec-17, 18:29:28

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

We had sent you mail with required details.


#224 | 06-Dec-17, 21:50:44 | suryanarayana
Om Srigurubhoyonamaha.
Kindly let me know whether guruji book on vivekachudamani is available.

Reply written by at 10-Dec-17, 7:29:24

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Guruji's Vyakhya for Viveka Chudamani in Book format is NOT YET available. However its available in Audio and Video formats. It would take couple of years to bring into Book format, as of now we cant afford and its in pipeline.


#223 | 30-Nov-17, 12:20:40 | surya
ur programs ebooks i read it gives so much information to me about past years....i love it...sir plz any ebooks updates plz send to me link to download

Reply written by at 02-Dec-17, 12:44:14

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your interest. We have included your email id & will communicate when there is a new topic posted in our website.


#222 | 17-Nov-17, 13:59:00 | Sreenivasa Murthy Achutuni
Dear Sir:

We are ardent followers of Guruvu garu.

We listen to his YouTube pravachsnams everyday.

Since this morning, we are unable to open / access the "discourses" section.

Please advise.

Thanks and warm regards

Reply written by at 02-Dec-17, 12:42:37

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for letting us know on this & All issues got resolved.


#221 | 16-Nov-17, 5:22:56 | G GOPALA KRISHNA MURTY
G G K Murty

#220 | 27-Oct-17, 17:43:07 | nistala venkata krishna mohana rao
My humble namaskarams. Due to my good luck i could find this Web while brousing the net for lectures on Viveka Chudamani. Thanking you Sir,
nvk mohanarao
Mob: 96180 44026

Reply written by at 02-Dec-17, 12:46:12

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your interest and greetings. Please do Sravanam everyday.


#219 | 05-Oct-17, 13:26:24 | K L Rao

Do you have office in Hyderabad, I need some books and CD,s . Please advice.

Reply written by at 05-Oct-17, 17:16:17

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your message. Had sent you mail with details as requested.


#218 | 04-Oct-17, 21:06:21 | Suryanarayana
I heard Brahmasutralu pravachanam and
listened the discussion part 1 where one
devotee mentioned about guruji's pravachanam about Taittiropanishat.Can I have Guruji's text(e-book)or CD.If so kindly
email about the payment

Reply written by at 05-Oct-17, 17:16:04

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your message. Had sent you mail with details as requested.


#217 | 12-Sep-17, 23:24:58 | గంగాధరం
గురువు గారికి జన్మ దిన శుభాకాంక్షలు. గురువు గారికి ఆ పరమాత్మ సంపూర్ణ ఆయు ఆరోగ్యాలు ఇచ్చి మన అందరికి గురువు గారినుంచి ఇంకా ఎన్నో అద్భుతమైన ప్రవచనాలు రావాలని మనసారా ఆ పరమాత్మను ప్రాధిస్తున్నాను. 💐💐

#216 | 12-Sep-17, 18:06:05 | suryanarayana
Om Srigurubhyuhnamaha
Guruvugariki janmadina subhakankshlu.
Variki na sahasra padabhivandanamulu.

Reply written by at 12-Sep-17, 20:24:12

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your wishes.
We have conveyed your wishes to Guruji and we would want to pass on his blessing to you and your family.


#215 | 12-Sep-17, 8:58:10 | ధరణి
ఓం శ్రీగుర్భోన్నమహ:
గురుగారికి జన్మదిన శుభాకాంక్షలు

గురుదేవుల పాదపద్మములులకు సాష్టంగా నమస్కారములు అర్పిస్తున్నను, నా తెలిసితెలియక చేసిన తప్పులను క్షమించి వారి చల్లని చూపులు ఈ పాపత్మునిపైపడుగాక, గురుదేవుల కటాక్షము చేత ఈ పాపి జన్మ సార్ధకత పొందుగాక.

Reply written by at 12-Sep-17, 20:36:56

ఓం శ్రీ గురుభ్యోనమః
ధరణి గారు,
గురుదేవుల అత్యుత్తమ శిష్యులలో ఒకరు మీరు. గురుదేవుల ఆశీస్సులు మీకు, మీ కుటుంబానికి ఎల్లప్పుడు ఉంటాయి. అతి తక్కువ కాలంలో గురుదేవుల ప్రవచనములను website ద్వారా తెలుసుకుంటూ మీరు చేసిన - చేస్తున్న కృషి, సాధనలు, సాధించిన పురోగతి ఎంతో మందికి ఆదర్శం కాగలవని మరెంతో మంది మీలాగా వేదాంత జ్ఞానాన్ని తెలుసుకొని ఈ జన్మలోనే మోక్షం పొందడానికి తగిన సాధనలు చేయగలరని ఆశిస్��

#214 | 05-Sep-17, 14:57:47 | Prasad
Many thanks for translations with explanations and making so many books available for everyone.
One is fortunate to have visited the site. Hope we be it.

Reply written by at 12-Sep-17, 20:38:30

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your greetings. Please make use of the content. Do sravanam every day without missing and continue sadhana.


#213 | 15-Aug-17, 18:52:07 | kamani prabhakar
its good and i like it

#212 | 01-Aug-17, 1:30:17 | Kammagani Suresh
Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

#211 | 23-Jul-17, 9:44:08 | YUGANDHAR HANUMARA
Really excellent writings to be understood by common devotee. Great spreading of knowledge in simple terminology is certainly beneficial to the society and devotees.

#210 | 12-Jul-17, 16:08:22 | H Gangadhar
Respected Sir: i am requesting you please send achala sankeerthanalu in telugu or bhajanas

#209 | 18-Jun-17, 6:06:05 | lakshmi thulasi p
Thank you very much

#208 | 18-Jun-17, 6:02:40 | lakshmi thulasi p
Very good and useful

#207 | 03-Jun-17, 9:17:40 | M.Sankara Reddy Retd.Engineer Intur post Amarthalur Mandal Guntu
I am very much interested in leading divine life
Is any e books for download, if available please inform me
M.Sankara Reddy

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