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#213 | 15-Aug-17, 17:52:07 | kamani prabhakar
its good and i like it

#212 | 01-Aug-17, 0:30:17 | Kammagani Suresh
Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

#211 | 23-Jul-17, 8:44:08 | YUGANDHAR HANUMARA
Really excellent writings to be understood by common devotee. Great spreading of knowledge in simple terminology is certainly beneficial to the society and devotees.

#210 | 12-Jul-17, 15:08:22 | H Gangadhar
Respected Sir: i am requesting you please send achala sankeerthanalu in telugu or bhajanas

#209 | 18-Jun-17, 5:06:05 | lakshmi thulasi p
Thank you very much

#208 | 18-Jun-17, 5:02:40 | lakshmi thulasi p
Very good and useful

#207 | 03-Jun-17, 8:17:40 | M.Sankara Reddy Retd.Engineer Intur post Amarthalur Mandal Guntu
I am very much interested in leading divine life
Is any e books for download, if available please inform me
M.Sankara Reddy

#206 | 01-May-17, 17:53:46 | Krishna
xllent performance by guruji,,,vth easy understanding

#205 | 30-Apr-17, 6:41:26 | Sudhakar
గురుదేవుల పాదపద్మములకు నమస్కారములు. అద్భుతమైన జ్ఞానాన్ని సులువుగా అర్ధమయ్యేలా తెలియజేస్తున్నారు. కృతజ్ఞతలు. ఎన్నో సంవత్సరములు ఇటువంటి అద్భుత జ్ఞానాన్ని తెలుసుకోకుండా వృధా చేసుకున్నానన్న బాధగా ఉన్నది. భగవత్కృప వల్ల మంచి దారి లభించింది.

సామాజిక మాధ్యమాల ద్వారా గురుదేవుల ప్రవచనాలు వెలువడితే నావంటి మరెందరో ప్రయోజనకారులవగలరు. దయచేసి ఆలోచించగలరు.

Reply written by at 02-May-17, 18:48:46

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your message & keep do Sravanam Every Day without fail and continue Sadhana.

Guruji's lectures of Bhagavatd Gita CH:12 and few other topics had come in TV early of 2017 year. However if sponsorers come front, then it will be easy to get these discourses in TV. Guruji or Adhyatmika Jnana Peetham doesnt go and ASK/REQUEST anyone (in last 30 years this was never happend). If any Sponsorer comes front Or TV people come on their own, then Guruji's lectures can come in TV frequently.


#204 | 29-Apr-17, 19:04:31 | Hari
amruthanni andistunna guru padalaku sada sparsatho vandanalu

#203 | 08-Apr-17, 20:46:14 | G.sangeeth palakollu bhartiya vidya bhavans 6th standard
sadguru sri chalapathi rao garu ke my wishes all my family members will listen your viveka chudamani every day my mother will listen that but me and my will listen some times because lack of time coming to the matter i have some doubts that douts will clarified by you my lord that doubts are after deat what will be there?,how to reach the god how to get mosham?,how to do sadana

Reply written by at 29-Apr-17, 19:08:57

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

We would encourage you to follow the discourses in order to get clarity, maximum doubts will get clarified. First listen Karma Siddhantam then Jeevula Sudigundaalu and then start with #128 of the below URL

However if you get still doubts, we will assist you to clarify them.


#202 | 05-Apr-17, 0:29:10 | Satyam Manikonda
Hari OM,

I am very fortunate to come across this site on internet search for Upanishads in Telugu text. I recently started reading Upanishads and there is so much to read and learn. I am sure this site will lead me to learn and grow in adhyatmika life.

Thank you so much Guruji,


#201 | 31-Mar-17, 7:59:42 | Rao Yanamandra

Its an excellent resource for people who stay overseas like me.

Reply written by at 31-Mar-17, 8:23:32

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Start from Itihasas -> Adhyatmika Texts -> Prakarana Texts -> Bhagavad Gita -> Upanishads & Brahma Sutras by same Guruji by following same Advaita, which will avoid a huge huge confusion everyone will have.

Following Different Gurujis/Change of Tracks between Advaita,dwaita, etc/Following medias (TVs, websites) many of them will go 2 steps forward and 3 steps backward with confusion.

Basics like Pre K.G (Prakarana Texts) till Brahma Sutras (Ph D) can be followed and do sadhana dedicately here.

Good Luck


#200 | 29-Mar-17, 16:18:00 | gangadharam
Pujya Sri guruvu gairki "Hemalambi " nama ugadi subhakankhalu.

Reply written by at 31-Mar-17, 8:18:14

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thankyou and Wish You all Happy Ugadi


#199 | 27-Feb-17, 17:53:19 | Venkateswararao
I heard UPANISHADS from U tube illustrated by SRI CHALAPATIRAO GURUJI. I'm hearing the same from 25 years at different teachers.But I never heard VEDANTAM @this clarity.
He is teaching with quality,clarity of knowledge,purity of mind and not at all any deviation from
original text.

#198 | 07-Feb-17, 7:38:06 | INDU SRI RAJESH
కర్మయోగం అంటే ఏమిటి? బ్రహ్మ యోగము అంటే ఏమిటి? మోక్షం పొందితే ఎలా వుంటాము.

#197 | 26-Jan-17, 4:39:07 | G.Shankaraiah
Recently i was listen mandukyopanishad in youtube up to 11 mantras.

I learn Ommm pronounsation and tureeyam stage its wonderful your pravachanalu and excellent examples.

Iam very thakful to you its a great opportunity and i will try to reach the tureeyam stage in my life.

#196 | 21-Nov-16, 15:53:17 | gangadharam
Guruvu gariki pranamalu,

Janmalu - Karmalu pravachanam lo bhaktulaku vundavalasina lakshnalu chala vivaram ga vipulamga chepparu. mee pravachanalu nannu entho inspire chesai. Meeku neeku naa janmantham runpadivuntanu. 8th pravachanam download avadam ledu.

Reply written by at 22-Nov-16, 17:20:15

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your message, good to hear that you are following the discourses.

8th pravachanam download is working fine now.


#195 | 18-Oct-16, 18:51:22 | Satyanarayana
One has to listen to this talk very carefully. Guruji's explanation of purvapaksha sutra and negating sutra are difficult to comprehend if you listen casually. I always wondered how our guruji acquired this deep knowledge. We should be really thankful for his free service without expecting guru susrusha or gurudaxina.


#194 | 17-Oct-16, 11:41:39 | TSN Murthy
I happened to listen Brahmasutras by sheer accident and taken aback by the profound depth of knowledge,clarity of expression and very simple to follow .I made it a point to go through as many speeches as possible.My sincere respects to you Sir.

Reply written by at 17-Oct-16, 21:56:23

Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha,

Thanks for your Mail & Greetings.
Please do Shravanam EVERY DAY & follow the discourses in preferred order to get maximum benefit of Better understanding


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